Burnley area tickets

Burnley area tickets are valid on all Transdev buses, including Rosso, Witchway, Mainline, Hotline & Burnley Connect in and around Burnley.

Make as many journeys as you wish on any Transdev bus in and around Burnley. Enjoy the freedom to travel for the day, 7 days or a whole month. 1-7 day Burnley tickets are available from your bus driver. Just buy your ticket on the first journey you make.

Burnley tickets valid upto 1 month Monthly can be purchased online or using the Transdev Go app - search Transdev Go now on the App Store and Google Play stores

The boundaries of these tickets are:

Read, Hall or Trapp Cross Roads
Altham, Business Park
Huncoat, Griffins Head
Burnley Summit on Rosso 743 & 843
Bacup Road/Rush hey Cottages on Rosso 8 & 483
Portsmouth, West Yorkshire boundary
Worsthorne, Church Square
Nelson Road, Co-Op Farm
Higher Reedley Road, Hillingdon Road North
Colne Road, Casterton Avenue



Burnley 1 Day
Adult £4.70

Burnley 7 Days
Adult £16.00
Young Person £10.50

Burnley 28 Days - buy on the Transdev Go App
Adult £49

Burnley 28 Days - buy online
Adult £51