Rover tickets

Rover tickets are valid on all* Rosso buses as well as on Witchway between Burnley & Rawtenstall, and on Red Express between Accrington and Ramsbottom (Red Hall).

As well as regular priced Rover tickets for adults, we also offer discounted Rover tickets for young people under 20 years old.

Most Rover tickets will be available to buy on the Transdev Go app - search Transdev Go now on the App Store and Google Play stores.

One day tickets are available to buy on-bus in paper format but you will need a smartcard to buy our 7 & 28 day tickets on-bus : getting a smart card is easy, click here to buy.


Ticket Type Transdev Go App

Paper Ticket   On-bus

Smart Ticket   On-bus

1 Person

Adult 1 day


£5 £5
Adult 7 days £20   Not available £20 
Adult 28 days £70  Not available  £70 
Young Person 1 day £4  £4   £4
Young Person 7 days £15 Not available  £15 
Young Person 28 days £55   Not available £55 

2 people

Upto 2 people travelling together Not available

£8 all day

£5 after 6pm 

 Not available    


Upto five people (of any age) travelling together Not available


 Not available    

Evening RoverEvening

Unlimited travel after 6pm Not available 

1 Person : £3

2 People :£5 

1 person    

Concessionary passholder accompanied by children

Concessionary passholders can buy a 1 day ticket* for accopanying children under 16. Children must travel must be accompanied by a concessionary passholder whilst travelling.

£1.50 per child : buy-on bus

Available from 0930hrs on Mon-Fri and all day at weekends. 



 * - Restrications apply on most schoolday services operated under contract to Transport for Greater Manchester.

Click here for full terms and conditions relating to online ticket sales